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This Group is for folks who have read Metacosmoclypse! The Metacosmoclypse has arrived! Can the people of Graeffenland avert disaster? Will the Gods t...
Okay,  here are my Website Pages, in order.

Novel - Dragon!                                                     
Novel - A King in Graeffenland
Novel - Princess of Bones, Necromantic Adventures of a Teen Princess
Novel - Metacosmoclypse
Novel - Once A Knight 
Novel - Hand & Eye
Novel - Jaeson Smith Private Eye A Lovecraftian Horror
Novel - Jaeson Smith Deja Vue    USA Paperback

Letter (Email) of Complaint to Department of Work and Pensions - Letter

Article - British Home Stores PLC
Article - The Evolution question.
Article - Rebuilding Greece's Economy.
Article - Social Media Advertising
Article - The Tyranny of Exceptionalism.
Article - What is Gender?
Article - Power
Article - The Problem of Science and Religion
Article - Politics
Article - The Illusion of Wealth
Article - So you Want to Change Sex?

Poem - The Lion and the Gazelle
Poem - Referendum
Poem - Workers of the World Feel Fright
Poem - The Hotel, a Naughty Poem.
Poem - Typing Blues
Poem - Comparing Horror Authors             
Poem - Politican's.
Poem - Byakhee Unbound
Poem - Sir Walmer goes to War.
Poem - As Above, So Below.                                   
Poem - Brain Maggots!
Poem - The Office
Poem - Discordian Facebook Groups Tossing Apples.
Poem - Depressed.
Poem - Real Writer Or Not?
Poem - Cthulhu Rising Or Not!
Poem - Fifty, a Sympathy Poem.
Poem - The World
Poem - Roses
Poem - Conquering Worm
Poem - Racism?
Poem - Welcome to the Group!

New English Dictionary: Neoliberal

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