The World Unseeing, Catch 23 meets Darkly Humorous Fantasy.

The World Unseeing, catch 23 meets darkly humorous fantasy, in this Ebook Novella on Amazon, by Tamara Wilding. Our two heroes leave their magical college to seek their fortunes in the world.
                        On their way they are beset by strange invisible faeries, crazed Mages, psychopathic femme fatales, and dodgy burglars! What is the Council of Mages? Who are the terrible Necromancers, and why would one of them want therapy? Who are the battling Dukes? All these questions and more may be answered within. It has goblins, it has gnomes, it has dragons, it has Pubs in unlikely places!

Third Edition in Paperback:

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Segment One.

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  1. Catch 23 is one worse than Catch 22, and is a reference to a concept of Robert Anton WIlson